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Moher Stone - this unique stone, taken from a quarry started 150 years ago on the Cliffs of Moher, is particularly hard and durable and is ideal for flagstone paving and, when split, as a building stone.


Moher Stone Qualities:

The Moher stone is particularly valuable as a wall capping in slabs 1m + in length, 300mm to 600mm wide and 30mm to 100mm thick.


Moher Stone Properties:

Moher stone is predominantly a dark grey with some reddish faces. The stone, containing over 90% silica, is particularly hard and durable.







Moher Stone Specifications:

The thinner material is used for flagstone paving and the thicker material is split into building stone. Precision split into random lengths, the stones vary in height from 40mm to 200mm and have a uniform bed width making them particularly easy to build.